Password Security: Password Generator

This utility can be used to generate a pseudorandom string of characters that are 60 characters. You can choose to limit the generated string to just the alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9) or include symbols and special characters. To improve security, this page and its contents are delivered over a secure, encrypted SSL connection.

Generate a random string of 60 characters (limited to alphanumeric characters):

Generate a random string of 60 ASCII characters (includes alphanumeric and special characters):

This tool uses JavaScript's crypto.getRandomValues method to generate the random string of characters. Consequently, using script blockers may limit and/or hinder the function of this utility. Also, to enhance security, the contents of this page are delivered over a secure (HTTPS) connection. You should verify this (and the associated SSL certificate for this site) prior to using thes tools on this site.

The terms 'random' and 'pseudorandom' are used interchangeably on this page. Computers cannot generate truly random numbers, but for the most part, pseudorandom generation of characters is sufficient.

The JavaScript source code used to generate the random string of characters is available for inspection via your browser's developer tools.

Certain browsers (such as Internet Explorer) may not support the more secure crypto.RandomValues method. In this case, the utility falls back to the less secure Math.random method and a warning is displayed. If you're concerned about this, please use this tool with a more standards-compliant browser (like Firefox or Chrome).